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Casa Nemo Beach Resort 

Ie Meulee, Jl. Agussalim, Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia (Lihat peta)

   Here are the bungalows available at Casa NEMO.
There are eight luxury bungalows and three standard rooms with two single beds (joinable to become a king size bed) One bungalow has a king size bed. Extra bed can be arranged upon request.
Terraces are furnished with local produced Rotan chairs and tables. Bathrooms in five bungalows are made out of Javanese sandstone (with bathtub) and in three others tiles have been installed and only the shower is available. All are equipped with warm water.
The rooms are served with a rack or cupboard, a well served fridge a mosquito net and a ceiling fan.
The view is breathtaking, with the beach right in front of every bungalow. One bungalow has been built on the back of the restaurant so to accommodate those sensitive to the sound of the waves. Its view is however precious, the view of blue see has not been compromised.




        GUEST ROOM



Located right on the beachfront there is a restaurant which serves international as well as local cuisine. The main concentration is the fresh fish on grill, but the menu offers a variety of Italian, international and local dishes too. For more information check the menu.
The House hosting the restaurant is built following the traditional Acehnese style with some modern adaptations in the windows for better light distribution. It sits on pillars and it's elevated from the ground. Acehnese motives are carved under the roof side openings.
For groups, we can organize special meals as long as requests are made in advance.
Please order in advance for special menu, special events. In principle everything can be arranged.
The Restaurant can accommodate up to 25 people.


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Weh Island
weh_island.jpgWeh Island or Pulau Weh is the westernmost island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Weh Island is about 32 km from Banda Aceh, capital of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province. By Sumatra people, Weh Island mostly called as Sabang Island. Around this island there are beaches with a natural charm that is so beautiful.

Of the many beaches on Weh Island, Gapang Beach is one of the beaches most visited by domestic tourist or foreign. Stretch of white sandy beaches that are still clean a typical of Gapang beach. From shore, try to feel the freshness of the sea breeze. Eve was still fresh that will not be found in urban areas.

Weh Island has the privilege of a variety tourist attraction to visit. Other than Gapang beach that most visited by tourist, there is another beach called Iboih beach located about 6 km from 0-km monument of Indonesia.  The green ocean color of Iboih featuring the beautiful scenery and become a paradise for divers.

From Iboih beach will be obvious beauty panoramic of Rubiah Island which is about 150 meters. Rumbia Island most famous for its beautiful marine park that equivalent with Maldives marine park, Bunaken, even with Nusa Penida-Bali. However,  the Rumbia Island is considered more special because  has a diversity of marine biota, such as plants, algae, coral reefs, fish, chicken feathers, and coconut crabs.
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Ins and outs of Pulau Weh

Ins and outs of Pulau Weh

Weh Island—locally known as "Sabang"—is a small, active volcanic island off Aceh, a state on the northwestern tip of Sumatra, Indonesia. Situated at the convergence of the Indian and Pacific oceans, the coral reefs around Weh teem with a great diversity of fish species. The island’s beaches are a haven for nesting sea turtles, and its waters are full of healthy populations of whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, and reef sharks.

Fast Facts
Aceh is Indonesia’s westernmost state.
A rare megamouth shark—so known for its enormous mouth with rubbery lips—was found washed up on Weh Island’s shore in 2004. There have only been 36 findings of megamouth sharks in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans since the species was discovered in 1976.
Weh is the only known home to a threatened species of toad, Bufo valhallae.
Following the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004, WCS conducted one of the first on-the-ground ecological assessments of the state of the coral reefs off northwestern Sumatra’s coast.

ISLAND Weh and Aceh are located in the Andaman Sea, which was greatly affected by the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami. The catastrophe destroyed mangroves in the region and washed debris from the land onto the reefs. Other threats to the reefs include destructive fishing practices, such as the use of dynamite and cyanide, and a marine predator, the crown-of-thorns starfish, which can cause widespread damage to corals during periodic population outbreaks.
WCS Responds
WCS has worked in Indonesia since 1965. We are now working with partners to create a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) designed with community support to protect the outstanding coral reefs and marine wildlife of the Aceh-Weh Seascape. Proposed MPAs include some of the healthiest coral reefs in northern Aceh, turtle nesting beaches, and populations of whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, and reef sharks.

WCS and our partners continue to monitor the coral reefs around Aceh that were damaged by the tsunami. These reefs have shown strong signs of resilience and stunning recovery of due to the commitment that local communities have made to manage their marine resources.
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PHOTOS AND Iboih Gapang

Pulau Weh, sebuah pulau terujung dengan ibukota Sabang merupakan sebuah pulau yang benar-benar eksotik. Melihat gugusan Pulau Weh serasa menyatu dengan alam. Di sepanjang jalan utama menuju kota Sabang, penuh dengan pepohonan besar nan rindang, jalanan yang lenggang, jauh dari suara bising kendaraan, polusi sangat rendah, dan angin selalu semilir. Keindahan pulau Weh ini menjadi daya pesona ekowisata.

(Pulau Weh, an island with the capital terujung Sabang is an island that is really exotic. See clusters of Pulau Weh seemed to blend with nature. Along the main road to Sabang town, full of great nan shady trees, a swing street, away from vehicle noise, pollution is very low, and the wind is always breezy. The beauty of the island of Weh is the main charm of ecotourism.)

Pulau Weh merupakan pulau terbesar dari gugusan kepulauan, dan menjadi jantung ibukota Sabang. Di sekelilingnya terdapat empat pulau kecil yang mengepungnya yakni Pulau Rubiah, Klah, Selako, dan Rondo. Sementara itu, kota Sabang telah menjadi saksi sejarah pada masa kekuasaan Belanda dan masuknya Jepang pada saat pecah Perang Dunia II.

(Pulau Weh is the largest island of the archipelago, and the heart of the capital city of Sabang. Around him there are four small islands that surrounded the island Rubiah, Klah, Selako, and Rondo. Meanwhile, the town of Sabang had to witness history in the reign of the Netherlands and Japan at the time of entry of World War II.)

Secara topografi, kota Sabang memiliki kawasan terbanyak adalah bukit dan pegunungan. Hampir 52% bukit dan pegunungan mendominasi wilayah Kota Sabang, sisanya adalah dataran rendah, bukit berkelok, dan teluk. Ada tiga teluk yang mengelilingi Kota Sabang, yakni Teluk Alam Sabang, Teluk Alam Balohan, dan Teluk Pria Laot. Kawasan itu menjadi wisata alam yang banyak dikunjungi turis domestic dan luar negeri.

(In topography, the city of Sabang has the largest area of ​​hills and mountains. Nearly 52% hills and mountains dominate the area of ​​Sabang, the rest are lowlands, winding hills and bay. There are three bays that surround the town of Sabang, the Sabang Bay Nature, Nature Balohan Gulf and the Gulf of Men Laot. Region became the most visited natural attractions domestic and foreign tourists.)

Sementara itu posisi Pulau Weh yang menjadi jantung Kota Sabang berhadapan dengan Selat Malaka, sebuah kawasan yang sangat dekat dengan Australia dan Asia. Untuk menuju Pulau Weh, cukup denganmenggunakan kapal cepat yang bisa ditempuh dari pelabuhan Ulee Lheue Banda Aceh menuju Bolahan-Sabang sekitar 50 menit. Harga tiket untuk satu orang Rp 60 ribu.

(Meanwhile, Pulau Weh position at the heart of Sabang dealing with the Straits of Malacca, an area very close to Australia and Asia. To get to Pulau Weh, USING pretty fast boat that can be reached from the port of Banda Aceh to Ulee Lheue Bolahan-Sabang about 50 minutes. Ticket price for one person $ 60 thousand.)
Gugusan pulau-pulau itu juga menyimpan pesona keragaman terumbu karang yang terbesar di kawasan Taman Laut Gapang, Iboih, dan Pulau Rubiah. Ada sekitar 360 tipe terumbu karang yang. Keindahannya membuat pemerintah kota Sabang berkeinginan menjadikan Pulau Weh sebagai tujuan pariwisata berbasis ekologi. Kenyataannya memang banyak turis asing yang datang ke Pulau Weh hanya ingin menikmati indahnya pemandangan, birunya laut, pohon-pohon rindang, dan beragam terumbu karang.

(Cluster of islands that also keeps the charm of the largest coral reef biodiversity in the Marine Park area Gapang, Iboih, and Rubiah island. There are about 360 types of coral reefs. Its beauty makes the city government wants to make Pulau Weh Sabang as ecology-based tourism destination. The fact is that many foreign tourists who come to Pulau Weh just want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, azure sea, shade trees, and diverse coral reefs.)
Wali kota Sabang Munawar Liza Zainal pun sudah merancang konsep ekowisata yang dimaksud dengan mengurangi sampah plastik, memelihara pepohonan, sambil terus menanam pohon di daerah yan mulai berkurang jumlah pohonnya.

(Sabang mayor Munawar Liza Zainal had already designed the concept of ecotourism is to reduce plastic waste, nurture the trees, while continuing to plant trees in the area began to decrease the number of yan tree.)

Terumbu Karang

Coral Reefs

Daya tarik terumbu karang itu juga menjadi kelebihan Sabang, jika dibandingkan dengan Langkawi dan Phuket, dua kawasan wisata bahari yang jaraknya hanya 45 menit dari Sabang. Untuk itu, konsep ekowisata akan menjadi unggulan.

(The appeal of coral reefs is also a surplus of Sabang, when compared to Langkawi and Phuket, two marine tourism area which is only 45 minutes from Sabang. To that end, the concept of ecotourism will be seeded.)

Kota Sabang sebagai sentra kegiatan ekonomi, pariwisata, dan kebudayaan juga memiliki daya tarik. Kota itu dibangun di atas bukit. di sana terdapat dua wilayah yang sudah ada sejak zaman Belanda, yakni Kota Atas dan Kota Bawah Barat.

Disebut Kota Atas karena banyak bangunan dibangun di atas bukit. Sebaliknya Kota Bawah terletak dekat dengan Pantai.
Bila anda berkunjung ke kota Sabang jangan lewatkan pemandangan di Kota Atas. Anda bisa berjalan kaki di Jalan Diponegoro dan berdiri di bawah bayangan pohon trembesi yang besar-besar. Atau sekadar duduk-duduk di taman dengan rimbunan pohon trembesi sambil melihat pemandangan laut dan rumah nelayan di bawahnya.
Pagi, siang, atau sore, pemandangan di atas bukit Jalan Diponegoro ini tetap menarik. Jalan Diponegoro merupakan jalan raya besar yang banyak dilalui kendaran. namun di Kota Sabang, kendaraan sangat sedikit sehingga tidak menimbulkan kebisingan dan polusi.
Di Kota Atas ini banyak rumah sisa peninggalan zaman Belanda yang masih utuh. Ada pula bangunan benteng dan bungker yang dibangun pada masa pemerintahan Belanda dan Jepang. Sementara itu, di Kota Bawah akan ditemui pasar tradisional yang menjual beragam hasil bumi, seperti sayuran, ikan, dan hasil kerajinan khas kota Sabang. Suasananya yang sangat khas, menjadi pemandangan dan tentu pengalaman tersendiri bagi Anda.
Tertarik ? Let’s visit Weh Island…

The appeal of coral reefs is also a surplus of Sabang, when compared to Langkawi and Phuket, two marine tourism area which is only 45 minutes from Sabang. To that end, the concept of ecotourism will be seeded.

Sabang city as a center of economic activity, tourism, and culture also has its appeal. The city was built on a hill. there are two areas that have been around since the Dutch period, the City of Upper and Lower City West.
Called the Upper City because many buildings are built on the hill. Instead the Lower City is located close to the beach.
When you visit the town of Sabang do not miss the scene in the Upper City. You can walk on Jalan Diponegoro and stood in the shade of a tamarind tree that big. Or just sit in the garden with a hedge with a tamarind tree view of the sea and fishing in the lower house.
Morning, afternoon, or evening, the view over the hills Diponegoro Street remains engaging. Jalan Diponegoro a major highway that many vehicles pass. but in Sabang, very few vehicles that do not cause noise and pollution.
In the Upper City is a lot of remnants of the Dutch colonial house that is still intact. There are also building forts and bunkers built during the reign of the Netherlands and Japan. Meanwhile, in the Lower City will encountered the traditional market that sells a variety of crops such as vegetables, fish, and handicrafts of the town of Sabang. The atmosphere is very distinctive, and certainly a sight for your own experience.
Interested? Let's visit Weh Island ...)
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Anyway SABANG PROBLEM,,,, gx end we will discuss this issue Sabang,,, a lot of the beauty of Sabang is that we can talk ... but gx maybe we are talking about this blog ..

    Sabang is often also called children's recreation area outside the area who come to Sabang changed almost every week instead 0rang leading to Sabang for the weekend in Sabang.

most children banda or students outside the area who live in the banda ... they opt for a weekend in Sabang Sabang,,,
  the question, / Sabang why they like for the weekend,,,

A. because Sabang has a beautiful sea
2. because Sabang has a panoramic view of nature is not inferior to other areas
3. because Sabang is called by the resort town

What are you waiting for you all who are interested can come to Sabang want the scout or not,,, you can contact directly to the no below ..
HP NO: 085296719064

THANK YOU for your cooperation ....

NGOMONG-NGOMONG MASALAH SABANG,,,,gx akan habisnya kita bahas masalah sabang ini,,,banyak sekali ke indahan sabang ini yang dapat kita bicarakan...tapi gx mungkin juga kita bicarakan di blog ini..

   sabang sering juga di sebut tempat rekreasi anak-anak daerah luar yang datang ke sabang hampir tiap minggu berganti ganti 0rang yang menuju ke sabang untuk akhir pekan di sabang.

kebanyakan anak banda atau pun mahasiswa-mahasiswa luar daerah yang tinggal di banda...mereka memilih sabang untuk berakhir pekan di sabang,,,
 pertanyaanya,/ kenapa sabang yang mereka sukai untuk berakhir pekan,,,

1. karena sabang memiliki laut yang indah
2. karena sabang memiliki panorama alam yang tidak kalah dengan daerah lainnya
3. karena sabang memang di sebut dengan kota wisata

Tunggu apa lagi bagi kalian semua yang berminat bisa langsung datang ke sabang mau di pandu atau pun tidak,,,anda bisa hubungi langsung ke no di bawah ini..
NO HP : 085296719064

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